Advertising Writing Assignment – #5

Narrative / Advertising Writing Assignment

  Graded Copy: Final Copy:  RE Advertising MCOM 2320 - Final For this assignment, we could choose between a narrative or advertising writing assignment. I chose to do the advertising writing assignment, which was a strategic message planner. I chose to do it over, Philips Hue. I think I did well on this assignment and … Continue reading Advertising Writing Assignment – #5


Strategic Writing Assignment – #4

Strategic Writing Assignment

  Peer Review: SWA Peer Review Graded Copy: Final Copy: RE Strategic Writing - Final This assignment was the strategic writing assignment, which is similar to the informative writing assignment. We had to make up a press release for a company that we could choose. I chose Jeep for my assignment. Overall, I did well … Continue reading Strategic Writing Assignment – #4

Academic Writing Assignment – #2

Academic Writing Assignment

  Peer Review Document - Evaluation: RE AWA Peer Eval Scan Graded Copy: RE AWA Grades Screenshots Final Copy: Fixed the intro, my part ("One positive view" to "news on social media"), conclusion, and the reference page   RE MCOM 2320 AWA - Final For this assignment, we needed to get into groups of four … Continue reading Academic Writing Assignment – #2